iMovie Book Trailers

We flex group for reading interventions which means that 3 days a week for 30 minutes I have 45 students in my room. Now being in a classroom that has no walls (we are an open school), I have to get creative on my projects because it can get pretty rowdy pretty quickly. We began with novel studies. I had 5 novels running and I needed a project that could be simple to learn because not all of the students in this group are as tech savvy as my own class. So I decided to use iMovie and create book trailers. Now all group members had to come together after reading the novel and create a trailer that summarized their book without giving too much away.

I had my ITF (instructional technology facilitator) come in to help me because I had so many varying levels of tech ability.

We worked and learned a lot through this first project. We also learned a lot about iMovie and we know what we would do differently when making book trailers again. Enjoy!

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